Informatics Application in Health Sector

Health sector is an information intensive industry. Access to quality and timely data is essential for decision making at individual and population health level. Therefore the application of informatics in health sector is at clinical process or management process .The foremost is the area of Health Information Management through routine collection of health care delivery data for statistical analysis and evidence based planning in the health sector

Hospital and facility Management through analyzing the throughput and measuring performance efficiency through case mix
Clinical decision support through application of clinical practice guidelines and care pathways to support patient care process

Health Informatics Stakeholders

Malaysian Health Informatics Association established in the year 1996 consists of professionals involved in health informatics and health sector ICT .it strives towards professionalism in the field of health informatics and works in association with international organizations such as International Medical Informati cs Association ( IMIA) and Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics (APAMI)